Resiliency In The Industry

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  Text Instruction on Leadership    –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  This is probably one of the Best Leadership lessons I have ever created.  I open up as an artist of what it took for me to succeed in this business, hard times, resiliency and putting up with a lot so that you can move forward.  It is good to get a reality check every once in awhile and this is that reality check.   I have been working in the Hollywood Industry for over 30 years and you can never get enough LEADERSHIP advice.


<<<Randall B>>>Wow that’s a wealth of advice!
<<<Oneal J>>>Love this…
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Sean Christian 30 days ago

Also wanted to note… like the part where you talk about your history working in the rental houses to cut your teeth. I started in good old “AVHQ/Caribiner” working as an AV tech setting up Par 64 “Cans” with colored gels from Rosco for Hotel events. Having complete access to the “AV storage room” (old par cans, fresnels, the dimmer racks, the huge socopex rolls and milk crates full of stage pin adapters, and cleaning up XLRs and the “cable wall” pegboards felt like such a privilege back then! Weren’t those the good times indeed?

Sean Christian 30 days ago

Thank you for sharing your career history and what it tool to get there Shane! Love the part where you just decided to pack up and take your pickup to West Coast. I’m from Southie and reminds me when I packed up and drove my car to Florida, to then move down to the Caribbean to work on producing live events almost 20+ years ago now. Always wanted to know about your journey, and how you have achieved such success in this industry. Yes, those 6AM-2AM days in production to getup and do it all over again helps build character, right? Please keep the stories coming Shane, as this helps someone like myself who is aspiring to have similar success!