Night Interior Lighting In Small Spaces: Illumination Experience Master Class

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  2 Hours of Instructional Video     –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Take a ride on Shane Hurlbut, ASC’s Masterclass lesson where you will quickly understand how to light, lens, finesse and visually tell your story in very small spaces with white walls.  Shane takes you through his thought process in how he exposes night interiors as well as tricks that help you control and shape light to give you wonderful contrast in small spaces with not a lot of lighting units to work with.

  • Light control with white walls
  • Color contrast to assist in adding depth and dimension
  • Lighting tricks of the trade shared
  • Understanding how to replicate moonlight streaming through windows and matching the feel of night ambient light


<<<Paul V>>>I love this. This is so amazing. So many good pointers here. I always wondered about the technique of going from a wide with an 18K to a CU and what to do with the light (bring in another light and soften it or just soften the 18K). I’ve never used an 18K. It’s great that you went over that info here. I have this obsession with lighting day interiors because I love streaks of light. LOL You rock, Shane! This is incredible!
<<<Alex L>>>Thank you! for another great lighting demo. The scene looks amazing!
<<<Elisha  r>>> Outstanding! I love this. This is what I like about the Hurlbut Academy. This is my definition of behind the scenes rather than the actor and directors accolades they give each other on the EXTRA sections on the Bluray/DVD products of the major movies.(forgive me for being cynical.) lol  Thanks again Shane on inspiring future cinematographers/photographers.
<<<Benjamin E>>>Thanks for this great insight into day interiors.
<<<Matt W>>>Thanks for the awesome lesson. It’s super beneficial to be able to get this type of experience.
<<<Jacopo R>>> Another awesome and generous lesson, thanks Shane!
<<<Curt L>>> Great stuff. A lot of great practical ideas.