Back Light: Where When and Why: Illumination Experience

Cinematography & Directing FREE LESSON for the WORLD TO ENJOY!! for 3 months during the COVID-19 Pandemic we value you all and want to offer this resource so that you can continue to learn.  Let’s thrive, inspire, share and come together.  Value$100.00

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  1.5 hours of video instruction

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Shane takes you through his mantra on WHERE, WHEN & WHY to use a back light. How can it increase dimension and mood? Shane not only takes you through these subtleties but also one of his strongest abilities, which is to understand and utilize DIY lighting to its fullest. Shane will show you how you can light a scene with 20K worth of Hollywood lights or 250 dollars worth of DIY clamp lights, batten lights and under counter floes where you are not able to tell the difference.

  • Understanding which side to back light from and WHY?
  • Soft and hard light for your back light and HOW and WHY?
  • Understanding how to light with Hollywood lights, then immediately match their quality and color with DIY lights from Home Depot
  • How you create your visual landscape
  • Feature film examples


Ana 6 days ago

This video is in spanish??

gilbert 10 days ago

video is not working

Britta Curkovic 13 days ago

I’m wondering if you create the batten lights or build them? If you build them, might you be able to share which lightbulbs you recommend to get that much power? Thank you very much for the course… it’s amazing and I can’t wait to go test a bunch of setups!

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    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    11 days ago

      @Britta Curkovic Hi Britta, I have built those lights by myself. I do not post anything on these lights because it is part of my Lighting style that is mine. I show you pictures and it is your job to figure this out on your own. The lights are R-30 Spot globes 85 Watt, Sylvania is the manufacturer.

    • Britta Curkovic    11 days ago

      @Britta Curkovic Thank you so much Shane, that’s a huge help... really appreciate it, and I am so excited about having found your course and your Acadamy! I’ve already started to see light completely differently... looking forward to continuing to learn from you!

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    11 days ago

      @Britta Curkovic Hi Britta, You are very welcome and I so glad that you found us. Lydia and I built this resource becasue this would be everything necessary to becoming a master cinematographer. I looked back on how I learned, how I lead and how I inspired my crew and learned my craft from amazing mentors. Now it is all right here in front of you to use your whole career. Welcome to the Academy Britta so happy to have you

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dislamedia 15 days ago

This is My personal favorite lesson in the workshop! Thank you for making me aware of the equipment you use. The YouTube world talks about aputure lights and other LEDs, it’s nice to get a glimpse of what is being used in big productions as well so we as filmmakers can make a more informed decision. Thanks for allowing us the inside scoop. Please continue to make more!

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    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    14 days ago

      @dislamedia Hi Dislamedia, boy you are chewing through this course my friend. HA HA Yes, I wanted to show you Hollywood lights and then how you can strip it all down with DIY solutions, this are to inspire you all to take the DIY to other levels.

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