How to light Urban Night Car Chases: Illumination Experience

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INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  30 Minutes of Instructional Video

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  How do you light a night chase scene where the cars are driving for 5 to 6 miles?  This is the question I was asked by Scotty Waugh the director of Need for Speed.  This in depth Lesson goes into how I did it with a DIY approach to night street lighting. Understanding that you can work with less is what this is all about – lighting profile shots so that you can feel the speed, DIY lights to create depth and dimension as well as cost effective ways to expand your scope.  The power of this lesson is that this can be done on a very limited budget.  See the techniques and get in there and plan your next night action sequence.

  • Lighting night car interiors
  • Lighting to create depth and dimension
  • Power of taking light away and then adding it
  • The power of taking light away with Hollywood and DIY solutions

Chida 11 days ago

Respected sir, I hope my message comes at the best time of yours. Thank you very much for bringing across so much of your passion which reverbrates in us as we look at cinematorgraphy, your exercises has been very useful. If i may, could you kindly look at the total hours of the course again? Are there any of the chapters missing, if so could you please upload the same? Thank you in advance.

Chida 11 days ago

Respected sir,

Will 3 days ago

Hey Shane, just want to say thanks again for putting this course out for free during this strange period. The work that’s been put into the course is brilliant, and I’ll be happy to try out another one to learn more in depth. What would you recommend?

jacob 10 days ago

I wish I could learn rather than listening to somebody going over his memories for half the video.

fwilkerson 21 days ago

Hi Shane, Thanks for making this series available to us! I have a question about the C500. You mentioned in the video that the C500 bakes in the image when compared to the Alexa raw and that is why you used the Alexa for scenes where you couldn’t control what exposure was used. Does this mean that Canon Raw bakes in the image? I thought it allowed you to change exposure, color temp, etc as well. Any help you can give me to understand this is appreciated 🙂

Oleg 1 days ago

Shane, sorry for interrupting: I think, there is a mistake in lesson’s explanation. You’ve told, that Alexa has 14 stops latitude (and we’re also know it). but it’s wrote down there (where about cameras, ISO, etc), that it has only 4 stops latitude.

Vinovinkkeli 19 days ago

Did you use faster shutter speed on some of these action shots? I see there is quite a much normal (180 degree) looking motion blur but I was thinking maybe those helmet cams were with a bit faster shutter to make them more sharp?

Vinovinkkeli 19 days ago

Thank you Shane and whole team behind Hurlbut Academy for sharing this free course. Inspiring and good content as always 🙂

dislamedia 22 days ago

Thanks for sharing this experience with us Shane and the team! I’ve watched some of these more than twice already, I’ve learned so much. Please be safe during this time. I look forward to any other content that might come up during this time.. and hopefully funds might come through where I can take advantage of the rest of the Hurlbut Academy content. It’s a game changer. Like learning how to swing a bat from the Babe himself haha..

B_Lucas 24 days ago

Thanks for sharing the Illumination Experience. We each have something to offer in the fight against COVID-19. Hurlbut Academy delivered with free content and it has me asking what I can do as well. I’m sure the gesture motivates others too.