How to Achieve The Commercial Directors Vision

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON: Production Schedule, Storyboards, Aerial Shooting Maps, Behind-The-Scene Stills, Rigging Examples, Cheerios Spot, and Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes. (Downloadable: Camera Package, Light & Grip List, Production Schedule, Roadmap)

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  It’s one thing to have 10-15 setups in one day, but 30? Shane Hurlbut, ASC takes you through the final steps to the execution of the Cheerios Protein spot. You’ll get a first-hand look at “why” he employed three Canon C500s, ten hacked GoPros, a Canon 1DC and three Canon 5D Mk IIIs. When time is on the line, there is nothing more important than being in-sync with your crew and having a plan of attack.  With all of this, you can start to understand and exploit the best aspect of each camera in your arsenal giving you the confidence to achieve your director’s vision.

  • How to breakdown storyboards
  • How to use spreadsheets to create camera specific shooting schedules
  • How to organize your team to be elusive, quick, and in-sync
  • How to use DSLRs and GoPro to achieve a cinematic look
  • How to customize and rig your GoPro
  • How to immerse your audience with unique camera angles inside and outside of the car


<<<Ross>>> I actually saw this commercial on TV a couple weeks ago and was proud to say, I was trained by the guy that shot it.
<<<Noel>>> I just wanted to add a heartfelt thank you here to you Shane. A week or so after you posted your cheerios Lesson part two I was called by an Agency director who wanted to discuss a series of TVCs. Great. But this is the make or break part of this job.  I read through his spec and scripts and then read through your approach to cementing the cheerios spot. I borrowed some ideas and kept the enthusiasm up – you may say I stole your whole approach. Put together a document for them and sent it off.  I’ve just been advised the job is mine. 7 tvc spots to shoot for an Agency I’ve never worked with before. So thank you Shane for letting me have access to you to help make me more successful. I sincerely appreciate it.

David Verwey 20 days ago

HI Shane, was the B-Cam moviemakers shot done at the same time is the A-cam getting the reaction ? I would think you would see him in the shot? Or is the longer lens long enough for him to stand further away to the side?

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    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    20 days ago

      @David Verwey Hi David, I need a little more info on this so I can answer this, not sure what you are describing

    • David Verwey    10 days ago

      @David Verwey Hi Shane, sorry autocorrect bungled that up! I wanted to say : was the b-cam Movi that was pushing them from behind shot at the same time as the a-cam( you). Looming at the shot I would think yiu would see yiur operator on the B-Cam Movi? Or was the 50mm long enough to avoid this. Sprry for the previous confusing message!

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    9 days ago

      @David Verwey Hi David, Yes we shot both Movi's at the same time, you can see that I am off to the side so that it enabled Chris to get the shot from behind and I was out front on the rake so when they turned to look for the sports car it was perfect as they looked right above camera for that awesome reaction with his mom.

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David Verwey 26 days ago

Hi Shane, what does RCR Car and RDPE Car stand for on the A.D’s Schedule?

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    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    26 days ago

      @David Verwey HI David, that stands for the MoVi RC car the Tero:

    • David Verwey    20 days ago

      @David Verwey And is the RDPE car the real car?

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    20 days ago

      @David Verwey Hi David, Yes the RDPE is the car that we have all the camera's rigged to it along with GoPro's and the RCR car is the car that does not have rigging on it

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