Custom Picture Profiles: Canon 5D Mark II, Mark III and 6D

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  1 Minute of Instructional Video on how to Load the custom settings into you Canon 5D Mark II, III and 6D, Downloadable Picture Profiles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  This Lesson includes four Canon 5D Mark II, Mark III or 6D picture profiles for Canon RAW (Canon L Series and Cinema glass), Leica RAW (Leica glass), Nikon RAW (Nikon Nikkor glass) and Zeiss RAW (Zeiss Compact Primes, Compact Zooms and ZE or ZF lenses). I match picture styles with different lenses so that you don’t see a color shift difference when cutting together footage.

I created these profiles for the Canon 5D Mark II &amp; III, which I used extensively on <em>Act of Valor</em> and over 150 commercials. Each of these profiles is designed to increase the level of dynamic range through the performance of each specific set of glass. These profiles will increase a Canon 5D’s dynamic range from 6 stops to 9 stops, creating a more cinematic “flat” profile, while optimizing optical quality from each specific lens manufacturer. They also work with the Canon 6D.