How To Light An Interview With 4 Lekolites

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  12 Minutes of Instructional Video, In-Depth Written Breakdown    –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Most people wouldn’t choose Lekos as their light of choice when doing an interview set-up. I want to break those preconceptions and demonstrate how this tool is the jack of all trades.  This lesson shows the power of the Leko light.  Theatrical lights have a ton of benefits, one is their light control.  Imagine you are a one man band and you do not have the ability to bring tons of C-stands and Flags to control your light, well the Leko light does it for you.  It is like having a Grip in a Light. HA HA.  See how this lights saves time, increase your set ups and decreases your set up time.


<<<Jack W>>> Loved this. Always refreshing to learn new techniques for lighting those ‘same old’ interviews. More of these please! Thanks you
<<<Jonathan B>>> Thanks Shane! Learned a lot here, this was the first Lesson I’ve watched as a member. GREAT!
<<<Tim B>>> When you think you have learnt everything about interview lighting – there comes Shane. Feels good to be here, finally!
<<<Chris M>>> I would not have thought to go for Leko’s and love how this turned out. Great contrast, nice and creamy, looks great, as always, of course! Thanks Shane!
<<<Sonny B>>> This is just awesome in general. Not just for interviews. Thanks, my man.
<<<Myles T>>> Great Lesson. Plenty of new ideas for me. This is exactly why I joined this community.
<<< Mickey>>>I learned a lot!