Blackmagic Ursa Mini Test Parts 6 – 9: Nd Comparison, Night Iso, And Rolling Shutter

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  2 Hours of Video Instruction, detailed side by side comparisons, and in depth review of this sensor    –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:   This is Part 6-9 of a 9 part series that will give you a complete understanding of what the Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro can and cannot do.  In this lesson you will see how the Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro responds to IR Pollution, how it responds to low light conditions, what ISO are your best bet, addressing rolling shutter with detailed instruction and a recipe to get the very best out of your Ursa Mini Pro.  I will take the URSA Mini to its breaking point and show you what it can and cannot do.  You’ll learn exactly where this camera’s strengths lie and also its shortcomings. Many of you may have already chosen this camera to create with, but I also know several of you might still be on the fence. This test series will provide you all the necessary information to make that decision.  The tests are edited to show cause and effect.  You will receive my in-depth analysis and advice with the test footage.


<<< Peter>>>You put a LOT of work into this test. Kudos.
<<<Daniel>>> thank you so much Shane for taking the time to do this test, watching this test made me pull the trigger and buy the Ursa mini pro.