Xeen Lens Test: 14,16,20,24,35,50,85 & 135mm

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  4 Hours of Instructional Videos, Reviews and Tests

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Many of you have asked for glass that you can afford.  I am always looking for that glass that can compete with higher priced lenses and give you good results.  In this lesson you will quickly see the range of the Xeen, Canon, Zeiss and Cooke S4 focal lengths, their quality, sharpness, clarity, resolving power, distortion and much more.  If you are looking to buy you first set of glass, this is a great collection of videos for you to view and make your choice.   See what I look for in glass, she what my experienced has shown me and I pass this all onto you.  Gain confidence on set and understand that the glass is the soul of your creation.


<<<Beau H>>> Thank you Shane for this Lesson. I’m so happy that there are people like you sharing tests like these. Helping us to make more informative decisions when looking to purchase better glass is invaluable.
<<<Michael K>>> This is fantastic and informative, thank you so much! This is the kind of test that schmucks like me would never be able to produce, so it’s so helpful to have it done here. It’s nice to actually see the differences right in front of you, side by side, rather than just hear someone’s opinions or preferences, or look at test charts or inanimate objects.