How to Light Night Exteriors with Blue Tones: Pt 3

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  7 Minutes of Video, In-Depth Written Breakdown, Topdown Lighting Diagram   –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  This is part three of the Lighting Night Exteriors series. Our scene tonight is moody and mysterious. We have two girls running down a hillside through this smoke amongst all this shadowy tree dapple with simulated moonlight backlighting them. We don’t know what they’re running from, but let’s just say it’s not good.  How do I go about lighting this, what choices do I make, what lighting ratios do I go for, how much fill do I use, what camera settings do I use, what color temp is the camera set at.  All these questions and many more will be answered as we dive into finessing our night horror.


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