Challenges of Blocking Night Interiors: Into The Badlands

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  39 Minutes of Instructional Video, Call Sheet, Behind-The-Scenes Images    –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Imagine virtually being on set with me, looking over my shoulder as I make every move, every lighting stroke, every blocking decision and every conversation with the director.  This is what these lesson are all about.  Being on set, seeing the problems and the solutions, seeing us make mistakes and picking ourselves up off the ground, brushing ourselves off and hitting it again.  Have you ever had the day that nothing seems to be going right?  Smash cut to: Falling behind in our day we felt we could make up time once we went interior.  Lightning, thunder storms shut our set down for over 3 hours, this mistake I made is what this lesson is about and how you can learn from it.


<<<Louis S>>> These are always great to watch! So much information, and it’s great to see how things work or sometimes don’t, so much factors I guess and racing against time and pressure. I have learn so much, and I really appreciate how you cover all the aspects of your work with such sincerity it’s hard to find. Keep up the great work!
<<<Ahmed>>>Very informative lesson!

Zahi Today

So cool of you to share insight into the kind of situations where things don’t work out in your favor. Thanks.