How to Light with Practical Sources: Fathers and Daughters

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  5 Minutes Movie Clips to assist in the Instruction, In-Depth Written Breakdown, Behind-the-Scene Stills, shooting schedules, and Top Down Lighting Schematics    –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  What is Practical Light?  It is lights that are seen in shot, most of my career I have been trained to emulate the light of a practical source in a room.  With the invention of super sensitive camera sensors lighting with practical lights is becoming more and more used in your arsenal.  This lesson is about choosing with the set decorators the correct practical lights to infuse into scenes and ones that not only look great but also help to light the scene.  I show a scene where I used my batten lights to emulate the practical light on the table, then immediately a scene where I only use the practical.  What did I do to make this work, what color temps did I set on the camera, What ways did I inject color contrast to the background and their backlights?  All these questions will be answered as you dive deep into practicals and their powerful presence.  Then I take you into a bar where all I used was Neon to light Amanda Seyfried where she emotionally goes down a dark rabbit hole.  Do you notice anything unique in the background that is happening.  Get in there and see what I am talking about.

• Lighting with all the right practicals in the right place
• Challenges of shooting three cameras at the same time
• Restaurant lighting schematic
• Taking down the brightness of neon in the bar


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Bill Stone 1 days ago

What a stunning piece of work, the drunk “Katie” at the bar. Really beautiful. Two questions: 1) I’m a monster fan of the tone of blue/green outside light cutting in across her and landing on the wood panelling next to the booth. Is this the same 1/2 green on a light dialled in at around 4000K that you talked about in your previous moonlight lesson [guy on bed]? Or did you have it closer to 5600K? 2). The subtle fill the gently falls on Katie’s arm / body in the foreground that we see as the camera trucks in towards her – is this bounced fill from the back light(s) or is this coming from a frontal source to (gently) bring up that foreground level? Thanks

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    Today

      @Bill Stone Hi Bill, Thank you so much, this is one of my favorite movies I did with my bar work. Yes it was actually a 800 watt Urban Light Metal Halide fixture. I had these made at Lightning Strikes, David Pringle the owner built a ton of them for me over the years on films. It delivers that tone naturally. Most of that fill was from the Jukebox itself. It had this amazing warm glow and I loved it. I did have a Kino Celeb bouncing into the ceiling for room tone. 4000K with 1/2 green dialed into