How to Light w/ Mixed Color Sources:The Ticket

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  5 Minutes of Movie clips to enhance instruction    –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  What is mixed SOURCE LIGHTING?  I have always embraced urban night light tones on the streets, in hospitals, convenience stores, etc.   This lesson is all about what is required to deliver mixed source imagery and the thought process behind it.  Embracing different tones.   I dive deep into how I do this on many of my motion pictures so that you can immediately put this into practice and watch your imagery gain significant depth and dimension.

  • What color temp to set you camera at to deliver this
  • How to use a color temp meter, to match different source lights to then use Hollywood lights for control
  • WHY I love GREEN 
  • What Tools are required to create color contrast


<<<Dave>>>Wow, thanks for sharing all this great stuff on lighting. I think this short is some of your best work.
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<<<Oli>>>Incredible attention to detail Shane.! It makes me realize that EVERYTHING has been considered and thought about for a specific reason. All these little details add up to produce something that feels extremely well considered and controlled. It’s fascinating to hear the ‘why’ behind the decisions you made.
<<<Chacee>>>Nice job of mixing up the angles in the hallway (and everywhere really).. Usually these web test videos fall flat, but I’d watch that again.
<<<Craig>>>Love the looks you created for this piece.
<<<Stephane>>>This is great behind the scenes Shane! It feels like we are also on the set and it is very inspiring for me as a wanabe cinematographer!
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