04- How to Light Urban Night Car Chases: Illumination Experience

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  30 Minutes of Instructional Video

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  How do you light a night chase scene where the cars are driving for 5 to 6 miles?  This is the question I was asked by Scotty Waugh the director of Need for Speed.  This in depth Lesson goes into how I did it with a DIY approach to night street lighting. Understanding that you can work with less is what this is all about – lighting profile shots so that you can feel the speed, DIY lights to create depth and dimension as well as cost effective ways to expand your scope.  The power of this lesson is that this can be done on a very limited budget.  See the techniques and get in there and plan your next night action sequence.

  • Lighting night car interiors
  • Lighting to create depth and dimension
  • Power of taking light away and then adding it
  • The power of taking light away with Hollywood and DIY solutions