Matching Artificial Light With Natural Sunlight: Into The Badlands

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  32 Minutes of Instructional Video and lighting schematics

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  This lesson is all about lighting to create a powerful mood, shooting day exteriors, using one light to light your scene, and how to shoot a scene in multiple locations but make it look like it was all shot in the same place.  This is the day in the life of a TV series DP.  6 to 8 pages a day, keeping the look consistent and on schedule.  This lesson is structured like you are on set with me, experiencing as I experience.

  • Shooting an Exterior in the shade and balancing the lighting with the background.  Keeping your Key Light source bright enough to balance with the background.
  • Handling company moves, planning and managing your crew.
  • Creating atmosphere with smoke, adding depth and dimension to a scene.
  • Shooting 360 degrees in natural light.
  • Using Negative fill in Day Exteriors.
  • Creating conflict between characters in a scene with Lighting and Camera movement.


<<<Ken J>>> Really enjoyed watching and learning about your lighting of Into the Badlands.
<<<Michael B>>> Yeah you bring it on home with this one Mr. Shane Hurlburt ASC … love it.
<<<Peter D>>> Such a bad*** addition. Thank you Mr. Hurlbut
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