How To Compose The Master Wide Shot

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  15 Minutes of Instructional Video, Written Breakdown    –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Dialing in your Wide Shot is a pivotal step in the filmmaking process when facing a new scene. This is the first-stroke when understanding the block, where light is coming from, and how camera will play into the equation. In this moment, everything needs to come together “right” that way you can go in for the close-ups. In this lesson, Shane Hurlbut, ASC focuses in on his process when crafting his master wide shots and what to expect from his crew. This is first-hand look into the importance of getting it right in the wide shot, that way you don’t have to backtrack later.

  • The importance of starting wide on your scene before working your way in.
  • The theory behind a master wide shot.
  • How to communicate your needs when crafting your image.
  • The necessary tools to get the job done.
  • The importance of blocking and rehearsing the action to get an understanding of where everything plays.
  • How to get it right the first time.


<<<Ahmed>>>Very wonderful article.
<<<Drew>>>Great content as usual. I love the detail with which you cover things and showing all the steps and thought process.
<<<Nick>>>Both parts of this series are so great!
<<<Lautaro>>>Excellent tutorial! 
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