How To Balance Your Room’s Ambient Light: Deadfall

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  15:45 Minutes of Instructional Video, lighting, camera schematics and a glossary of terms for better learningSUPPLIED W/ENGLISH SUBTITLES

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  This lesson is Part 8 of a 22 part series that takes you on a journey from Script to Screen.  Every nuances is discussed in detail from the first scout with the director, the tech scout, the pre-rig, the blocking, rehearsals to the final angle composed, lit and shot.

Have you ever heard the word Room Tone, yes sound people use it for that sound that lingers in the air when it is quiet.  Well room tone can also be used for Ambient light that plays in the room, to open the shadows just enough so things do not go so dark.  This is usually my last stroke when lighting a scene.  First I light the background then the mid ground then the foreground.  Whatever Key light stroke for our characters is also added.  But Room Tone or Ambient Light I do last.  In this lesson you will understand the power of Ambient light or Room tone as I call it.  With one simple light added the image can go from ordinary to extraordinary.

  • When to use Ambient Light
  • How to deploy the light
  • What quality of Ambient light should be used
  • What light motivation is your ambient light
  • What is the best tool for Ambient light deployment