How To Mimic A Police Car Light: Deadfall

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  10 Minutes of Instructional Video, lighting, camera schematics and a glossary of terms for better learningSUPPLIED W/ENGLISH SUBTITLES

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  This lesson is Part 15 of a 22 part series that takes you on a journey from Script to Screen.  Every nuances is discussed in detail from the first scout with the director, the tech scout, the pre-rig, the blocking, rehearsals to the final angle composed, lit and shot.

Creating lighting effects is an art.  Back in the day before LED technology I was jumping through some serious hoops to deliver the effect lights.  In this lesson I will take you through the process  of creating police lights in an interior environment.  There motivation, their quality, their intensity will all be revealed.

  • Which lights are the best for Police light effects
  • What light control devices need to be used
  • What quality of light should be used to mimic the effect
  • What intensity of the light should be used
  • What speed of the strobing effect should be administered