How to Recreate Moonlight with Hard Shadows

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON: 10 minutes of instructional video from On Set with Shane Hurlbut ASC. Detailed written breakdowns, Top Down Lighting & Blocking Schematics, Lighting Lists templates and Side by Side Comparisons.

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN: What is your version of Moonlight, is it hard, is it soft, is it blue, is it neutral or is it a Gray Blue tone?  Shane Hurlbut, ASC’s choice is Gray Blue tone and in this lesson he will teach you how to achieve this.  Shane goes in depth with 3 different tungsten sources and their advantages and disadvantages to each one.  Imagine understanding what light works best.  This is a huge GOLDEN NUGGET.  Shane shows you specific gels and what to set your camera color temperature at so that you can achieve the beautiful Gray Blue tones that he feels is what Moonlight should look and feel like.  He dives into advanced use of fresnel light to create hard shadows and by using this little secret technique of pulling out the fresnel lens which will give the hardest shadows possible. Then Shane takes you through creating that mood and tone of a dark room but keeping  an eyelight that will blow your audience away and make your character stand out in the darkness. This series will show you conclusively how to master moonlight.


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