How to Build a Book Light

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  1 Minutes of Instructional Video, In-Depth Written Breakdown, Behind-the-Scene Stills, Equipment Breakdown List, Topdown Lighting Diagrams

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  The Book Light is the ultimate key source when your goal is to craft beautiful imagery. This lighting setup is the ultimate in control, light quality, and punch. In this lesson, Shane Hurlbut, ASC breaks down his applications when using this setup and what to expect when employing it. This is a firsthand look into the tools to get the job done and how to get amazing results every time.

  • Understanding the theory behind book lights.
  • The Pros and Cons behind book lights.
  • The tools to execute the setup.
  • The best application for book lights.
  • How to properly control this setup.