How to Light for Three Cameras: Part 1

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  15 Minutes of Instructional Video, In-Depth Written Breakdown, Topdown Lighting Diagram     –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  This is a master class in blocking and lighting for THREE CAMERAS.  Lighting for one camera can be hard… What about three cameras? In Part 1 of this lesson, Shane Hurlbut, ASC discusses his process of lighting for three cameras and the logistics you’ll face when doing so.  This concept has taken me over 20 years to perfect, get in there and expand your lighting creativity and increase your set up count and deliver matching coverage that you are able to catch those lightning in a bottle performances on ALL THREE CAMERAS.

  • Understanding the fundamentals of lighting.
  • Knowing the process of lighting for 1 camera.
  • Understanding the process of lighting for 3 cameras.
  • How to communicate camera movement in lighting situations.


<<<Brent>>> Great lesson! Can’t get enough of these kinds of lessons. Love the way you walk through each light and the effect/mood that it gives for each camera shot.
<<<James>>> This has been a very thoughtful and well explained Lesson! Really thankful to you.
<<<Dominik>>> This post is gold!
<<<Neil>>> Thanks for handing down the keys to your castle.
<<<Jared>>>Absolutely nailing it.
<<<Frank>>>EnLightening. I loved the step by step development.
<<<Hugh>>>Fantastic! Really great as usual – thanks I will be watching this many times and will try to recreate it.
<<<James>>>Awesome, Shane.
<<<Scott>>>Love the detail of why you are doing what you are doing. It really helps to understand what you are seeing, how you see it affecting the picture, and then what you do to resolve. Love it!
<<<Mohammed>>>This is awesome and helpful.
<<<Willem>>>Very exciting and incredible educational for me!. As mentioned before, love the step by step process!
<<<Adrian>>> So good, so informative.
<<<Ahmed>>>Really more than awesome! It is very perfect, we need all lessons like this.
<<<Joakim>>>This is fantastic!
<<<Nikki: Wow!! a three camera set up looking so beautiful!!! Thank you Shane for your artistic and technical instruction!
<<<Chris>>>Awesome, loved this!!! You rocked this one out!
<<<Gary>>>Great lesson!
<<<Diego>>>Really great stuff! DanMarie:
<<<David>>>This content is GOLD! Love this format. I could watch this stuff for hours.
<<<Nick>>>Love this one!
<<<Gene>>>Awesome Shane. its so great to see the differences between on and off.
<<<Elisha>>>Nice ..It’s nice to see how you build “the look” with lights and diffusion.
<<<Vance>>>What a great lesson!
<<<Hamza>>>This breakdown gave me great ideas!
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