How to Light for Three Cameras: Pt 2

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  15 Minutes of Instructional Video, In-Depth Written Breakdown, Topdown Lighting Diagram    –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Lighting for one camera can be hard… What about three cameras? In Part 2 of this lesson, Shane Hurlbut, ASC discusses his process of lighting for three cameras and the logistics you’ll face when doing so.

  • Understanding the fundamentals of lighting.
  • Knowing the process of lighting for 1 camera.
  • Understanding the process of lighting for 3 cameras.
  • How to communicate camera movement in lighting situations.


<<<Brent>>> Great Lesson! Can’t get enough of these kinds of Lessons. Love the way you walk through each light and the effect/mood that it gives for each camera shot.
<<<James>>> This has been a very thoughtful and well explained Lesson! Really thankful to you.
<<<Dominik>>> This post is gold
<<<Neil>>> Thanks for handing down the keys to your castle.
<<<Ahmed>>>Thank you very much. We want all next posts exactly like this.!
<<<Elisha>>>Shane this is so fantastic. I love the way you conveyed your thought process on setting up this shot for a 3 camera set up. And for even one camera or two camera set up where you showed us on how depth behind the actors is important as well.
<<<Bradley>>>I’m not a fan of guns but I feel like you just unloaded a clip of knowledge on us all.
<<<Vance>>>I think this was your most detailed and for me the most useful presentation on how to light for a multi cam shoot. The way you go through every step of the process is very enlightening. I also love that you now publish the white balance of the camera.
<<<Justin>>>Loved the lesson!
<<<Edward>>>Love it!
<<<Kobi>>>Absolutely amazing, Shane! Extremely insightful.
<<<James>>>Wonderful lesson, exciting and specific,!
<<<Ben>>>Wow. The subtlety makes all the difference in the attention to detail. Makes me really reconsider my priorities when pressed for time!
<<<Miles>>>Wow, seeing the real difference between the flat background on the close ups vs the addition of ‘depth’ lighting just made me realize how much I learn!
<<<Arkadiy>>>Now that’s what I call learning!
<<<Mac>>>Like always, these videos are fantastic!
<<<Robert>>>Super article, Shane!
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