Commercial Directing: From Concept To Creation

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON: Director’s Treatment, Commercial Script, Production Schedule, Storyboards, Cheerios Spot, and the Cheerios BTS Spot. (Downloadable: Agency Boards, Script, Treatment)

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Get inside the head of one of the most successful commercial directors today. Xander™ takes you through his creative process in pre-production, from writing your treatment, to pitching your concept, making casting decisions, and creating storyboards.  You’ll see his vision brought to life on the day of the shoot and how he works with the agency navigating client politics while forging ahead and keeping the team on schedule. These lessons are insider information for you to deconstruct and make them your own.

  • How to write a Director’s treatment to land jobs
  • How to navigate agency and client politics
  • How to pitch your ideas so that you get them sold
  • How to prep your production schedule
  • How to work through casting decisions
  • How to communicate your vision to your Director of Photography
  • How to tailor storyboards that get the message and concepts across to all
  • How to build your schedule and prioritize your storyboards


<<<Mark>>> This Cheerios Case Study Lesson was worth the price of an entire year of monthly subscription to the Hurlbut Academy.
<<<Craig>>> Great work on this, Shane! Thanks for sharing your experience.
<<<James H>>> Stunning to see the actual amount of work done from pre pro to final product. And all for just 30 seconds. Btw I do remember the spot well. Always wondered if the kid was an actor. And I see he was not. Makes it even more interesting to watch this unfold.
<<<Ross>>> I love that commercial. The concept is excellent and the execution is top notch!
<<<Schy>>> Shane you are outstanding. These real world examples are gift. Thank you.
<<<Noel>>> Excellent Lesson Shane. Loved reading Xander’s treatment and thoughts. Always great to see how others create.
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Cameron Chin 23 days ago

Shane, is it possible for you to go more in depth about the hacked GoPro? What was the effect for the hacking and how to hack the GoPro.

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    16 days ago

      @Cameron Chin This hack was required because back in 2014 all we had was a GoPro 3 so I had them build me a hack to give you all the functions that you all enjoy now with the GoPro Hero 7 & 8. In 2014 we had no way to control Shutter speed or ISO controls. There is a lesson on how I did it:

    • Cameron Chin    15 days ago

      @Cameron Chin Thank you, Shane. I have the GoPro 5, still it was worthwhile lesson about thinking outside of the box to dial in the motion blur. I looking to do a spec car commercial and this lesson got me jazzed up!

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    15 days ago

      @Cameron Chin Hi Cameron, The big take away is using ND's on your GoPro so that you are working in the 1/48th of a second shutter speed so it looks more cinematic