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An MCS Cage Adds Versatility to Your Creativity

  • November 22, 2011
  • Shane Hurlbut, ASC


Whether you love your Canon 5D, shoot weddings with a Sony FS-100, shoot music videos with your 7D, or captivate audiences with your Sony F3, ramp up to 120 fps on a Red Epic or crank your ISO up to 20,000 on the new Canon C300, the Master Cinema Series platform cages take every one of your creative tools and turns it into a movie making machine.

This platform was not engineered for 7000 hours and battle tested in the field to be only based around a DSLR, It was designed to take any digital film capture device and transform it into a system that morphs and converts like Panavision and Arriflex.

Look at all of the cameras coming out. They are a plastic body with a lot of buttons. You can’t attach anything to them. You can’t rig them. They are not cinema ready.  So what Letus and I have done is give every camera a versatile cage to attach whatever is necessary to turn your camera into a something that looks and feels like a 35mm motion picture camera.  The cage gives every camera assistant a place to put an on-board focus monitor, MDR for remote follow focus, cinetape, etc.  Once the cage is around that camera which spawns your creativity, you’re  set to roll.  There are plenty of gear companies out there making baseplates, handles, rods, etc. but none of them have been designed to be a platform that surrounds your camera.  The MCS system gives you high speed baseplates for quick conversion, high end 3 stage matteboxes with anti reflection tray and rota polarization, Panavision gear technology in a follow focus, EVF extension/leveler technology, handles that don’t slip and handles to grab the camera like the pros use.

The Red Epic/Scarlet Cage gives the camera points to rig and accessorize.

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The Canon 1DX, a DSLR with amazing features. This baby caged will take you by storm!

The Sony FS-100: Caged and ready for action!!

Sony FS-100: Caged and ready for action!!

Canon C300 Cage and Shoulder Cam configuration

The MCS platform is priced to ignite your creativity; to throw gasoline on your flame.  Nothing compares to it in price, design or quality.  Please come in to Revolution Cinema Rentals for a test drive.

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