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Filmtools End Of Summer LIGHT SALE!

  • September 27, 2019
  • Shane Hurlbut, ASC
Filmtools End Of Summer LIGHT SALE!

Have you heard about the incredible deals on offer in the Filmtools End Of Summer Light Sale? Don’t worry, as usual, your friends here at HA have been through the plethora of deals to find the 3 best deals for our members and visitors to HurlbutAcademy.com

1. Arri Softbank IV Plus 5 Light Kit – 120V AC

$3,983.95  using the FilmTools code: FTFRIDAY = $1,991.97


You will not find a better deal for this Arri Softbank IV Plus 5 Light Kit – 120V AC anywhere on the planet! Even on ebay the closest you can get to this price is 5 dollars more for a 5 year old used version!

This kit includes barndoors, filter frames scrims, a softbox, clamps, light stands, bulbs, accessory kit, and a heavy duty wheeled case. For all essential lights that Shane uses on set, click this link.

The ARRI 150W Fresnel is a compact, lightweight fixture with great performance, tough construction and a 2″ (50.8 mm) Fresnel lens. Superior optical performance and ARRI’s die cast aluminum housing make this the perfect small unit for hair light, edge light or eye light.

The ARRI 300W Plus Fresnel is designed to gather as much light as possible and direct it through the 3.2″ (81.2 mm) low expansion, borosilicate Fresnel lens producing a soft, even field of light. The beam spread is 15 – 55°.

The 650W Fresnel features the same lens, reflector, housing and power cord as the 300W Fresnel. The beam angle in the flood position is 54°, and a narrow 13° in the spot position.

The ARRILITE 750 Plus from ARRI is an enhanced version of the tried-and-true ARRILITE open face line. ARRI started with the basic design of the ARRILITE 800 and optimized the reflector to increase output 21% using a 750W HPL lamp which employs a compact filament that concentrates and augments light while increasing efficiency. The result is almost double the output. A redesigned one-arm stirrup instead of a yoke facilitates greater movement while the dedicated accessory holder allows use of Chimera softboxes without a speed ring.

Soft Light

The 24 x 32″ Chimera Video Pro softbox provides soft, flattering light for talent and pleasing catch lights for reflective objects.

Light Shapers

Use the barndoors and scrims to alter the shape and intensity of the lights. The included filter frames are ideal for color effects filters or diffusion.

Light Spread

ARRI lights are renowned for even beam spread, high efficiency and superior spot-to flood ratio.

Accessory Kit

Includes a bag, clothes pins, bulb storage case, 3-outlet extension cord, and heat-resistant gloves.

Light Stands

Offer lightweight, yet sturdy support to a height of 8.6′ (2.6 m)

Wheeled, Heavy Duty Case

The case employs a hard plastic shell, aluminum trim and latches and a piano hinge. It features interior dividers and wheels for easy storage and transport.

Here’s some reviews of the equipment from B&H

Hurlbut Academy 5 Stars CInematography

One of the best investments

You have in one box all the tool you need to make a production look professional. Light is everything and if you understand the importance of this, you have to buy it. It did pay it self in the first job that I used.

Hurlbut Academy 5 Stars CInematography

The tungsten light kit in a box for you

If you need lights for your film, video, or photography independent project and you can’t afford the new LEDs, buy this tungsten kit now. everything you need for lighting in one sturdy carry around everywhere case.

Hurlbut Academy 5 Stars CInematography

The foundation of any great light kit

Arri lights have proven themselves time and time again. This kit specifically offers a wide range of possibilities when lighting your shot. I personally bought the kit to be used on interviews or lighting my set.

2. Canon EOS C700 EF Production Bundle (Demo Unit, Open-Box)

$35,000.00 $18,800.00


The Canon C700 EF Production Bundle provides a ready-to-go camera package with accessories,  includes a Locking EF Mount, EVF-V70 OLED viewfinder, shoulder support, ENG-style shoulder-mounted grip unit, C700 remote operation unit with cable, and a variety of accessories that improve the camera’s functionality on set and location.

The C700 in this bundle features a Super 35mm CMOS sensor with up to 15 stops of dynamic range. It incorporates a cinema-style locking EF mount that is stronger than the standard EF mount, allowing you to mount your lens without play. The included EVF-V70 OLED viewfinder features 1920 x 1080 resolution and is well-suited for use when shooting 4K. The shoulder support unit, which incorporates 15mm rods and the shoulder-style grip unit, provides the operator with ENG-style lens and camera control. The remote operation unit provides more access to the camera’s functions and can be mounted on the camera, or with the included extension cable, and you can use the remote unit up to 3′ away from the camera.These accessories make the Canon C700 EF Production Bundle a great package for the new filmmaker or a great upgrade kit for the professional.

A variety of power accessories can be utilized to power your Canon C700 EF Production Bundle.The inclusion of Apple’s ProRes codec inside the C700 enables shooters who require a quick turn-around to go direct-to-edit on many NLEs without any transcoding necessary. In 4K the 422 HQ flavor is implemented, and is supported up to 30 fps. In 2K mode, 10-bit 422, 10-bit 422HQ, and 12-bit 4444 can be used. High frame-rate recording is supported up to 180 fps using the 10-bit 422 flavor combined with the 2K center crop. All formats are conveniently recorded directly to the CFast 2.0 cards.

  • The viewfinder and monitoring outputs will display a translucent area around the image that is being recorded. Having that area lets the operator see what’s happening outside the recorded frame.
  • In addition to several assignable buttons, six soft keys surround the control screen on the operator-side of the camera. Each of the six buttons can be set to adjust a different camera setting easily and intuitively. This menu system can be driven independently of the EVF menu. Deeper settings can be accessed using the dial, set key, as well as familiar home and back buttons.
  • The Canon UN-10 Unit Cable allows you to connect the Canon LM-V1 4″ LCD Monitor to the Canon EOS C200, C300 Mark II, and C700 cameras. It also connects the Canon MA-400 Microphone Adapter to the C300 Mark II and Canon XC15.

* This item is a demo unit and open box

* Full Manufacturer Warranty

Here’s some reviews of the equipment from B&H

Hurlbut Academy 5 Stars CInematography

Great camera, beautiful picture and great operability

Coming from a C300 mark II, this camera is very easy to use, great balance on the shoulder, not heavier when rigged. The price could be 5000 USD lower and it would be perfect. I just hope it will record Raw internally as the C200 in a future update. The EF-lock mount is less convenient for one man operation than normal EF-mount in my opinion.

Hurlbut Academy 5 Stars CInematography

Go-to camera if you have lots of Canon ‘glass’

For heavy Canon ‘glass’ owners — particularly fast AF glass — this is a go-to rental ‘high-end’ machine… For lower-staffed productions the ability to get RELIABLE smooth ‘focus-pulling’ with the DPAF using your own EF lens, cannot be understated (think of time saved in measuring and rehearsing coordination of pulls and camera movement)….

3. Aputure Light Storm C300d LED Light Kit W/ Gold Mount Battery Plate

$1,099.00 using the FilmTools code: FTFRIDAY = $549.50


The Aputure Light Storm C300d LED Light Kit w/ Gold Mount Battery Plate is a LED light fixture with a Chip on Board (COB) that outputs at a 5500K color temperature. It only consumes 300W of power, but still outpots at 4451 fc of light with a standard reflector at a distance of 1.6′. To add on, this fixture has a CRI rating of 95 and a TLCI rating of 96. The quiet operation of the light fixture makes it ideal for sound sensitive environments as well. The intelligent cooling system employs temperature sensitive fans to regulate the heat. Even at maximum power the fan is undetectable by most people.

The LS C300d’s performance is backed up by its design. The all-aluminum construction goes through numerous fabrication steps. The reflector and accessory mount is the widely used Bowens S-Type, and the wired controller is also separated from the body of the light, making it lighter and reducing its size. There’s also an included wireless remote that allows you to control on/off and dimming functions from as far away as 492′. The LS C300d is ready for worldwide use thanks to its 110-240 VAC power supply. It also has a battery plate allowing you to use Gold mount batteries for external power when mains current is unavailable. This LS C300d is delivered with a carrying bag to protect the light during travel and storage.


Boasting an impressive 48,000 lux @ 1.6′ with its included reflector, the LS C300d can also reach an impressive 142,000 lux @ 1.6′ with an optional Fresnel attachment (with camera settings set to f/36, 1/200 shutter, and ISO 800).


Shining bright at 5500K, the LS C300d casts a powerful light that is both natural looking and pristine in color. The LS C300d features a CRI rating of 95+ and a TLCI rating of 96+, allowing for precise color accuracy, making it ideal for broadcast video, photography, television production, and studio filmmaking.


The LS C300d maintains its high output and color fidelity without any compromise to weight. Though its output is comparable to that of a 2000W tungsten fixture, the LS C300d weighs just 4.6 lb, while a 2000W tungsten fixture weighs nearly 20 lb. The LS C300d also simplifies the once-complicated and heavy process of using light shaping accessories, making it possible to modify your light using just one hand.


The LS C300d utilizes the Bowens universal mount design, allowing for a wide variety of available accessories, including but certainly not limited to Fresnel, Light Dome, and Space Light modifiers.


The LS C300d comes shipped in a space-efficient and portable canvas bag. The canvas bag not only protects the light, it keeps all its accessories organized in a single place – ideal for the mobile, on-the-go shooter.


The LS C300d has an intelligent temperature control system. The smart fans come with advanced internal thermometers and vary their speeds based on the system’s temperature. Even at maximum speed, the fans are quiet and keep the light from getting too hot, eliminating the need for grip gloves.


Featuring an aircraft grade aluminum body, the LS C300d is tough and durable. More than 100 fabrication procedures such as extrusion, cutting, trim, sandblasting, and laser engraving are employed.


The LS C300d is built to give you maximum control over your light. The light’s intuitive control box allows you to change things like brightness, remote channels and fan speeds. With a control box that is separated from the light’s power ballast, top weight is greatly reduced, allowing for maximum portability.


Using 2.4 GHz FSK technologies, the LS C300d can power on or off or adjust brightness wirelessly, even at distances up to 492′.


The LS C300d can be powered either via AC, or for location shoots you can mount 2 optional Gold mount batteries, eliminating the need for a costly generator. (Recommend ≥190wh battery for better performance)


With Reflector

4461 fc /48,000 lux @ 1.6’/ 0.5 m
1022 fc / 11,000 lux @ 3.28’/ 1.0 m
260 fc / 2800 lux @ 6.56’/ 2.0 m

Flood (with optional Fresnel)

8132 fc /87,500 lux @ 1.6’/ 0.5 m
2454 fc / 26,400 lux @ 3.28’/ 1.0 m
651 fc / 7000 lux @ 6.56’/ 2.0 m

Spot (with optional Fresnel)

13,197 fc /142,000 lux @ 1.6’/ 0.5 m
3717 fc / 40,000 lux @ 3.28’/ 1.0 m
976 fc / 10,500 lux @ 6.56’/ 2.0 m

Here’s some reviews of the equipment from B&H

Hurlbut Academy 5 Stars CInematography

Work-horse of a light!

I have been wanting this light FOREVER and once it went on sale, I finally bought myself two of them. Nevermind that there’s a Mark II, these are still really awesome lights. It’s got its quirks with all the puzzle piece power cables, but I’ve rented them enough times to get familiar with the setup. I also love the carrying cases. Great product, Aputure! You really can’t beat the quality of this product at their price point.

Almost perfect

Excellent light, but the external power packs add a lot of bulk. I just hang them off my C-stand.

Pushing Lighting boundaries

Great light. As a food photographer, I purchased this with a bowens ring so I could use my existing modifiers to make my still work look like my video work as much as possible. like others have said, the unit and accessories feels solid, but I wish the red adjustment nobs were either metal or of a harder plastic. otherwise, great piece of gear.

Other Notable Mentions from FilmTools Sale

FILMTOOLS END OF SUMMER SALE HURLBUT ACADEMY Cinematography Education Professional

You can get hold of an Arri SkyPanel S30-C LED Softlight W/ Manual Yoke for $3,276.00 (down from $4,212.00) and it’s bigger sister the S120-C LED W/ Manual Yoke (Blue/Silver, Edison) for $5,453.00 (down from $7,011.00). And it would be remiss of us not to include a nod to the great deals that FilmTools are offering on G-Tech equipment where if you purchase more than $150 worth of equipment then you’ll get a $25 Visa Gift Card which always comes in handy.

Happy buying Hurlbut Academy fans!

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