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Term: Leko Theatrical Light

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This is a projection light that uses lenses to create your desired spread of your circle of light.  5 degrees will give you a very focused tight beam like a follow spot.  A 50 degree lens will give you a very wide circle of light.  Inside the light it has leaves that shape your circle of light, you can make them a sliver, or a square, etc.  You also can add an iris so you can expand and contract the size of your circle of light easily.  I use them in bars, stage productions, for bounces so I only hit the bounce exactly where I want to.  They are in every movie or commercial I shoot.  I never leave home without 6 of these Leko’s.  They make them also in LED tech so you can have the wide range of color temp, gel matching and dimming controls.  The LED’s do not have the output of a 750 Watt Tungsten fixture, around 2 stops less.

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