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Term: Snorricam

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A SnorriCam (also called chestcam, body mount camera, bodycam) is a camera device used in filmmaking that is attached to the body of the actor or an object. The SnorriCam gets its name from the surname of the two Icelandic photographers and directors, Einar Snorri and Eiður Snorri who invented it. In most cases, the lens of the SnorriCam is facing the actor directly, so when the person walks, he or she does not appear to be moving, but everything around him or her instead. In relation to the actor (or the object) wearing the camera, the framing, the camera distance and the camera angle stay the same within a shot. A SnorriCam is a highly subjective camera, creating an unusual sense of vertigo for the viewer. The SnorriCam was largely popularized by its use in music videos.

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