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Make It Epic Challenge Winners & Special Mentions

  • April 16, 2020
  • Chris Team HV
Make It Epic Challenge Winners & Special Mentions


Just two weeks ago we launched our MAKE IT EPIC challenge. This filmmaking gauntlet that we threw down to people around the world in isolation at this time was to make the routine and boring EPIC!

With an annual all-access membership at Hurlbut Academy as a prize, we had a lot of interest from filmmakers all around the world! To be honest, routine around the world appears to be lots of coffee and liquor!

Hurlbut Academy Maken It Epic Gif

Over the 10 day period we received videos from Lebanon, Japan, Cambodia, Canada, England, Scotland, Russia, India, Pakistan, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy and America to name a few and the standard of the entries was absolutely incredible! Lydia and I watched them with our family and loved every minute of watching them. That’s what this was all about!

You got creative, you picked up a camera, an iphone or whatever you could film with and you did something that you could be proud of.

Thank you for that.

Here’s a few of the special mentions that just missed out on the title of “Make It Epic Challenge Champion 2020”

Yared Ganzerli – Smart Working


Shaun Grimsley – Fruit Smoothie


Justin Hartwell – Love letter to Coffee


Akhil Patel – Board Game


Jack Smithies – Making Tea


Bhajat Salem – Mojitos


Jeff Fortier – Wash Day


Nikhil Kamkolkar- Super Splash


Disla Media – Table Setter 

And now…

The WINNERS of our Make It Epic Isolation Challenge

Drum roll please! (Okay, clearly you can see the name of the first of the two winners below, which we’ve made infinitely more obvious by putting it in bold, but let’s suspend disbelief here).

That wasn’t the best drum roll. Apologies.

It is our great honor to announce the two winners…

Sergey Minin (via Instagram) – PANCAKES

Rick Guile (via Facebook) – OLD FASHIONED

Thanks to everyone who entered. You have been incredible! Feel free to share or leave a note in the comments to congratulate everyone who made the honor roll.



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