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Hi I’m Adam 🙂

Cinematographer and Gaffer based in Burbank, CA 1-Ton G&E Van: apdh.me/lighting

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1-Ton Grip and Electric Package

1-Ton Grip & Electric Ford Transit Connect list: (6ʼ 10” clearance/7ʼ 1” with ladder) STANDS: 9x 40” c stands 1x 20” c stand 2x medium hi rollers 2x 2-riser combos 2x low boys 2x 3-riser baby stands 1x premie STAND ACCESSORIES: 2x spuds 2x lollipops 2x sets combo casters BOOM ARMS: 1x Menace Arm 1x Matthews mini boom CONTROL: 4x4 lcd (42”x42” slip on) 6x6 lcd 8x8 lcd FLAGS: (All 4x4ʼs 42”x42”) 4x4 ultrabounce floppies x2 4x4 solid floppies x3 4x4 gel frames x4 (216, 250, Opal, 1/4 grid) 4x4 Beadboard 4x4 Silver/white Bounce (Scrimjim) 2x2 Beadboard 2x2 Gel Frames x2 2x3: solid (x2), single net, double net, silk 18x24: solid (x2), single net, double net, silk RAGS: 6x6 & 8x8 Sets: -ultrabounce -solid -silent 1/4 grid/1/2 grid/full grid -1/2 soft frost -magic cloth -unbleached muslin -bleached muslin Wag Flags 8xʼ: (3 frames) -solid -ultrabounce -1/2 soft frost HARDWARE/RIGGING: 2xMP9 2x end jaw cardi 2x center jaw cardi 2x 6” c clamps 2x mafer clamps 4x scissor clips 2x duckbills 2x Big Ben clamps 2x junior grid clamps 1x 1” square pipe to baby pin 1x baby pin receiver to 3/16” 2x norms pins 4x fixed cheesebourghs 2x swivel cheesebourghs 5x gobo heads 2x 40” arms 2x 20” arms 8x safety chain 1x speed rail coupler 2x baby plates #1/2/3 clips PIPE/FRAMES: (Request whatʼs needed) 2x 1” corners and ears sets 4x1” 6ʼ square pipe 4x1” 8ʼ square pipe 2x10ʼ speedrail 6x8ʼ speedrail 2x6ʼ speedrail 2x4ʼ speedrail 6x6ʼ chimera fold up frame 42”x42” Westcott scrim jim APPLE BOXES: 2x nesting apples 1x Apple family 2 full Apples SANDBAGS: 4x35lbs 5x25lbs 5x20lbs 2x10lbs DOLLY: Dana Dolly (optional) ELECTRIC: 2x 1k dimmers 5x25ft stingers 5x50ft stingers LIGHTING: 2x LTM 1.2k Pars Electronic Ballasts Aputure 600d Pro Aputure 300d (with chinaball, fresnel, softbox) Quasar Crossfade Kino 4ʼ 4Bank 2x Falconeyes RX-27 (like litemat 2L) 1k tungsten 650w tungsten 750w leko 18 deg lens OPTIONAL LIGHTING: Litepanels Gemini 2x1 Litepanels Gemini 1x1 Litemat 4 S2 Litepanels 1x1 Astra 6x 2-panel kit LADDERS/CARTS: 6ʼ Fiberglass step ladder or Werner multi position 21ʼ ladder (by request) 24” Utility Cart for stands Rock n roller cart for crates 7ʼ telescoping ramps EXPENDABLES (billed as used): Hampshire Frost Opal 251 250 216 1/4 grid CTS/CTO/CTB etc Misc color gels by request Duvatine roll Visqueen roll Black wrap Bleached/unbleached Muslin cuts Furniture pads x3 Ratchet Straps Multi line Sash cord MORE ON REQUEST