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Cameron Chin

Director of Photography in Beverly Hills, CA, USA
Hi I’m Cameron 🙂

My journey into the visual arts began from a 6th-grade field trip to Lincoln's Tomb. With a Kodak camera and a roll of 36 exposure film, that's when how I looked at the world changed for me. Fate hit me for the second time in 6th grade; we had an assignment to make a super 8 film. Holy what??? Nonetheless, the whole class was jazzed, and we broke up into groups of 5 or 6. Throughout this process, I was the one that gravitated to work the camera and direct the action. It was a scene of a Roman battle, and we used real ketchup for blood - we rocked it! Seeing Star Wars sealed the deal for me in wanting to become a filmmaker, but being from a Chinese/American family that route had to go through many different roads until I decided it's time to take the wheel and steer it towards the road that I am on right now.

“I do not worry about conceding goals because I know my forwards will double it at the other end.” Sir Matt Busby

Skills +

  • Camera Work
  • Lighting
  • Gimbal
  • macgyvering
  • Fishing
  • Director/DP

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Compilation of past work.


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