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Camrin Petramale DoP

Director of Photography in Chicago, IL, USA
Hi I’m Camrin 🙂

Director of Photography Local 600 member Owner of an Alexa Mini Package Owner Light Modifier Rentals, a Grip and Electric rental house based in Chicago, IL: www.lightmodrents.com Writer of "Learn with LMR", a comprehensive third-party lighting comparison tool: www.learnwithlmr.com

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

Work Experience +

Commercial Cinematography Reel

This is a spring 2018 compilation of my Commercial projects where I was the Director of Photography on.

Commercial Cinematography Reel

Alexa Mini Kit

CAMERA Arri Alexa body LBUS PL mount Arri MvF1 MEDIA 128GB Sandisk CFAST2.0 x 3 Lexar CR1 CFAST reader usb 3.0 x 1 CABLES Arri Viewfinder Cable 12v 4 pin power cable Tilta ESR-EXT power cable Tilta Handle Start stop Arri Ethernet Cable Arri KC-50 power cable 24v Ablecine 220w 24v power supply Anton Bauer ptap multi tap CAMERA CAGE Tilta Alexa Mini full cage Wooden Camera Unified Bridgeplate 19mm 15mm rob baseplate Tilta Top Handle Power distribution T-BOX- Gold Mount 19mm Battery Support (lw setup) Top-AKS power disto Power Display Screen SUPPORT AKS RED dovetail light weight Tilta shoulder pad Tilta Wood hand grips/start stop CAMERA RODS 15mm 6" rods 15mm 8" rods 15mm 12" rods 19mm 12' rods 19-15mm bushing AUDIO Wooden Camera A-Box Alexa Timecode in/out cable BATTERIES Anton Bauer Cine 150 x 4 Anton Bauer quad charger LP4 Anton Bauer Cine 90 x 4 Anton Bauer quad charger LP4

2 ton grip truck

2 ton Modular grip truck with lift gate. For rental rates and full gear list visit www.lightmodrents.com