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Director of Photography in Chicago, IL, USA
Hi I’m DanielKullman 🙂

I came out of film school in 2001 with a plan to move to NY. The week I had schedule to go to look for an apartment was the week of Sept 11th. I stayed in Chicago and started a small production company with a friend. We opened in 2003 and have continued on doing mostly doc and corporate work though I have a strong interest in narrative whenever I can make it work. My interest, both as a viewer and a creator, is in small scale stories that tell personal and intimate experiences. I very much enjoy working with artists across the dance and music genres. If you need a camera-op, DP, or an artistic collaborate to bounce ideas of off, hit me up.

Fuck it, we’ll do it live! (Not political!)

Skills +

  • Camera Work
  • Corporate Shooter
  • Documentary Filmmaker
  • BusinessOwner
  • Producer
  • Director/Editor

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