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Greg Unger

Gaffer in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hi I’m Greg 🙂

Jack of all trades. That's me. I'm just as comfortable lighting your set as I am prepping cameras and pulling focus. I started in the business as a camera operator shooting live music performances and then went on to load grip trucks and work as an intern prep tech at Shane's rental house, Revolution Cinema Rentals. I have a great crew available for your next project. I have established relationships with vendors in and around Los Angeles. Let's chat. "You're a damn good gaffer! Thank you so much for problem solving with me and always having a good attitude." -Santiago Calogero Director/Cinematographer https://www.santiagocalogero.com/ "Greg was a total asset on set. As my AC, he was there when I needed him. His knowledge of cameras of all kinds including their menu systems, is amazing. He is quick with lens changes and always around when the camera moves. He is also a skilled camera operator. He shot camera for 2nd unit on Emerald Run. I would recommend Greg for all my current and future projects." -Michael Caradonna Producer/Cinematographer http://actiononcamera.com/ "I can only say how grateful I am to my crew! They broke their backs making this film possible, bringing not only an amazingly professional and creative input to the film, but also a great attitude and energy on set! Really grateful to my gaffer Greg Unger." -Ignacio Walker Director/Cinematographer http://www.chronoscinema.com/director/ignacio-walker-en/

Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and Determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “Press On” has solved and will always solve the problems of the human race. -CALVIN COOLIDGE

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Sam Stacy - Ghost

Director - Alex Harris DP - Greg Unger

Sam Stacy - Ghost

Quasar Science RGBX Light Kit

(2) Quasar 2' Q-Rainbow RGBX LED Lights (2) Quasar AC Power Cables (2) Matthews MQ T12 Clamps (1) Apache 9800 Rugged Carrying Case

Magliner Junior AC Cart

Available with Stick Holders, Mitchell Plate, Steadicam Post, 4 C-Stand Holder

Matthews Junior Boom Arm

The Matthews Junior Boom is largest and heaviest duty boom currently made by MSE. It measures 68" when collapsed, and extends to 10' (3.3 m). It has a Junior (1-1/8") mount and a 5/8" stud. A 25 lb counterweight is attached.

Eartec UltraLITE 4 Wireless Headset System

Package Includes: (3) UltraLite Single Ear Wireless Remote Headsets (1) UltraLite Single Ear Wireless Master Headset (1) 8-Bay Charger (8) Eartec Li-Po Batteries (1) Apache 4800 Rugged Carrying Case These headsets have a simple and intuitive design, great range and battery life. This package has been used on a wide range of projects and have been very reliable. Used frequently with gimbal users and drone techs as well as multi-camera events.

Russian Cine-modded Lens Set

Package Includes: 37mm Mir-1B F2.8 58mm Helios 44-2 F2.0 85mm Jupiter 9 F2.0 Build quality is solid. Lenses are all metal including gears. Cine-modifications were done by Ironglass Adapters based in Ukraine. Lenses have unique flares and generate very creamy out of focus bokeh when wide open. For the right project these lenses could be a great addition. Lenses are like new. I received this set in December of 2018. Note: Iris markings are not visible

Modern 5/8" Mini Wall Spreader Kit

This wallspreader can be used to hang lightweight fixtures by using C-Stand arms or 5/8" rods. Need to rig a light in a bathroom? Is tape not sticking because of moisture? The Modern 5/8" wallspreader is an elegant solution to this type of problem