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joey zhao

Cinematographer in San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA
Hi I’m joey 🙂

Yiqiao "Joey"Zhao was born and raised in China. At an early age, his grandfather, a local calligrapher and painter, instilled in him a love for and appreciation of Art. After studying Fine Arts at the University of Leeds in England, the Visual Arts became his true calling. He started as a photographer, with exhibitions in London, Beijing and Shanghai. He moved to California to study for an MFA in Cinematography. Along the way, he has developed a strong understanding of visual storytelling and cinematic aesthetics. He have worked internationally with clients such as Chivas, Coca-Cola, and Toyota. His global view of motion pictures comes from exploring every continent except Antarctica. He is excited to be filming on the next location somewhere in the world. my demo reel https://vimeo.com/manage/408603064/general

painting with light

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2020 demo reel by Joey Zhao

2020 demo reel by Joey Zhao

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