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Director of Photography in Wicklow, Ireland
Hi I’m John 🙂

I was a in-house Cameraman for a company producing broadcast programs from 1991 to 1996. I went freelance in late 1996 and have been shooting a wide range of programs ever since. I have shot a lot of feature length award winning Historical Drama/Documentaries with a high profile cast. I have shot green screen in a studio with a large crew and have shot with a small crew in the Galapagos Islands. I own RED Dragon X,C300, 5DMK2 Good lighting kit including Kino Diva and Chimera Triolet Blonde etc.

Withnail : Are you the farmer? Marwood : Shut up, I'll deal with this. Withnail : We've gone on holiday by mistake. We're in this cottage here. Are you the farmer? Marwood : Stop saying that Withnail, of course he's the fucking farmer!

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