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Hi I’m Jordan 🙂

Hello HAM Community! My name is Jordan Schulz and I’m a LA based cinematographer and gaffer. I'm a SoCal native originating from Santa Clarita Valley, which is a mid-size suburban town just north of LA. I now reside in Burbank. Before transitioning to the wonderful world of cinematography, I was in post working as a colorist. I always had an appreciation for composition and lighting, but never knew how to achieve it nor did I know the terminology. I would stay late after hours analyzing scenes shot-by-shot, trying to figure out how the DP lit the scene. Eventually the interest in cinematography grew too big for me to enjoy it from the back row of a dim lit color bay. I had to get out there and do it for myself. I was inspired to learn the ropes of what it means to be a great cinematographer, so I left the DI suite and haven't looked back since (beside the occasional color project). I got my start as an EPK (Behind The Scenes) cinematographer, which lead to other great opportunities in the home entertainment doc space. I'm currently navigating the narrative, music video, branding (mainly Tech videos), and EPK spaces in order to diversify my portfolio. Since I am in the early stages of my career, I don't think I should lock myself into one field quite yet. I still have much to learn from the various types of filming styles. My goal is to lens narrative projects. TV or Film. It would be pretty cool to work on a network TV drama or limited series. Although one can never really predict where they'll end up. A philosophy I live by is to put an emphasis on care in everything I do, in life and in my work. When I'm not behind a camera or fiddling with lights, I'm outdoors. I love the beach and traveling to new places near or far. Hikes are fun too, except NOT in the summer. I hate snakes HAH! Anyways, I'm extremely excited to be a part of the HAM community. I hope to meet/work with some of you in the near future. Lets connect! jordanschulzdp.com IG: jordanschulzdp

“Do or do not. There is no try”. - Yoda

Skills +

  • Corporate Shooter
  • Documentary Filmmaker
  • DP/Gaffer
  • colorist
  • Camera Work
  • Director/DP
  • ONE Man Band

'Clem' DP Selects

A selection of my favorite shots from a short project I lensed entitled 'Clem'.

'Phone Home' DP Selects

A selection of my favorite shots from a horror short I lensed entitled 'Phone Home'

'REMEMBER' Natural Lighting Test

Lit only with sun light.

Cinematography Reel 2020

'Clem' DP Selects

'Phone Home' DP Selects

'REMEMBER' Natural Lighting Test

Red Raven 4.5k Indie Kit

RED RAVEN 4.5 DSMC2 Camera RED TOUCH 4.7inch LCD Top Handle (3) 128GB RED Mini Mag V-Lock I/O SDI/HDMI Expander (4) V-Mount Batteries (150wh) EF Rokinon Full Frame Cine Lenses (24mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5, 85mm T1.5) Tiffen 1/4 Promist 77mm Thread Tiffen 1 Promist 77mm Thread Variable ND 77mm Thread 77mm to 72mm Thread Adapter USB-C/3.0 RED STATION (Mag Reader) DC Power Adapter Custom Case 4x4 2-Stage Swing Away Matte Box .3/.6/.9 Tiffen 4x4 NDs Basic Follow Focus

Arri Tungsten Kit

2x 300s 2x 650s w/ Stands

Dracasts 1K - 1x1 ProSeries LED Kit

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