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Jaron Padello

Director in Phoenix, AZ, USA
Hi I’m Jaron 🙂

I have an associates' and bachelors' of arts in film/video production and film studies. I was an audio visual specialist for 14 years working in theatre, live, and corporate productions. I've specialized in power distribution, live audio, live video & ENG camera, rigging, IT, videography, photography, and live lighting with programming. Though my passion has always been to be a filmmaker full-time. Currently, I freelance as a camera production assistant assisting our professional gaffers, Key grips, and DP's. I would like to pursue further my education and recalibrate my current skills. My most personal goal in the industry is to be a director for any medium. More importantly, I would like to successfully direct my personal passion projects and provide a new voice to the martial art genre, incorporating more philosophical themes with a neo-realistic approach to the genre.

" Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own. " -- Bruce Lee

Skills +

  • Camera Work
  • Director/Editor
  • Documentary Filmmaker
  • sound
  • grip
  • videography
  • photography

I Am Tao: A Philosophy In Combat

A Martial Art documentary short I directed, shot, and edited. It is about the artistic expression through the combative arts.

Letras Sonoras Live

A videography piece highlighting the performance of a Latin Classical duet. They performed at the ASU Kerr Cultural Center, a venue I've worked with for the last couple years.

I Am Tao: A Philosophy In Combat

Letras Sonoras Live

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