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Matthias Raffeis

Director/Editor/Producer in Desert Hot Springs, CA, USA
Hi I’m Matthias 🙂

For as far back as I can remember I have loved to tell stories. In my childhood years it was my biggest dream to become an author and write fantasy stories. After getting more into film throughout my life, I acquired my Bachelor of Arts in Film Making in Munich and became a Creative Producer after my internship at Roll Call Pictures in Munich / LightTouchDreams Studios, LLC in Los Angeles. Today our office is based at Elektrashock Studios in Main Street in Venice Beach and at the moment we are working on a 7 independent feature film package. We are in close cooperation with Andy Kravitz from Studio West, also located in Venice Beach, as well as Elektrashock Studios. One of these feature film projects is the film "XTNXN - Island of Individuals", to which I wrote the script. It basically tells a story I had always dreamed of telling the world in a very metaphoric way, while still staying true to the message by staying true to the psychological aspects of the characters within an adventurous science-fiction fantasy world. Logline: "In 2089, a secret colony of pacifistic punk kids is forced into war when the tyrannic Global Regime threatens to shatter their colorful and utopian island dreams; as conditions worsen, they soon realize that they are an endangered species of humankind..." General Experience: 2009 - 2014 Bachelor of Arts in Film Making & Directing at diemedienakademie in Munich 2012 - Ongoing LightTouchDreams Studios, LLC / Roll Call Pictures Screen Writer / Creative Producer / On-set Shooting / Editing / Color Grading 2018 - 2019 Equipment Technician & Film Teacher at Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory Classes taught: Visual Concept & Storyboard / Cinematography / Post Production / Color Grading / Sound / Blocking & further classes

"Don't judge a book by its cover." - Unknown - "Don't hate the media, become the media." - Jello Biafra - "Freedom is the highest order, because Individuality is Survival" - Island of Individuals Tagline - "Negativity is the enemy of creativity" - David Lynch - And basically most of the things Roger Deakins and Walther Murch ever said 😀

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