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Mike Finegan

Director of Photography in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hi I’m Mike 🙂

While working on technical side at HBO NYC realized film-making is not just ivory tower but also independents collaborating with studios and headed west to participate in inaugural ReducationX Directing intensive (which was all focused on using RED cameras and approach). Several years experience indie (and music and fashion) film making in L.A. - all ultra low budget, small crew, wear many hats. Open to challenges and second team directing / DP role. No film school (undergraduate is in Physics with minor in Optics) but formal education in several aspects of filmmaking - Directing, Cinematography (ASC Masterclass among others), Color Grading (DaVinci Resolve) ,Virtual Reality. Like challenges and work well with talent and management as well as crew. Currently in SE Asia specifically Phnom Penh Cambodia. Still attached to LA.

"But the advice I can give to beginners is not to separate their work, their movie, their film, from the life they live. Not to make a difference between the movie and their own life." Andrei Tarkovsky

Skills +

  • Director/Editor
  • Documentary Filmmaker
  • DP/Gaffer

Cinematography Reel

Some work of interest. One of my strongest attributes is that I am driven by passion not pa$$ion. Would ideally be Director or DP for small indie or at studio level second team DP / Director - less interested in the politics of leading a large team (although I have and can do).

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