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Sherri K.

Director of Photography in Los Angeles
Hi I’m Sherri 🙂

It’s true. I was President of my high school marching band. I attended college in a town that printed its own currency. I won an Emmy for my first tv series. And am nominated for my second series. My work lives on Netflix, Amazon, CBS, ABC - in your pocket, on your screen, in your projector... But here's what's also true: There is a story waiting to be told. We are all storytellers in some way or the other. We carry within us stories of every emotion we’ve felt. Stories of regrets, that are full of wrong choices we made and qualms that we still carry around as baggage. Stories of our success, where we find new ways to shine our light in this world. Stories of our failures, where we failed to be the superhero who saved the day. No matter what story we carry, we all have one. I help bring such stories to life. Come share your stories with me and I will help you celebrate them.

It is not that the goal is achieved that matters. It's how well it was sought. (unknown)

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