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We want you to get the most of your membership here at Hurlbut Academy. Learning is a lifelong process that never stops, and Shane continues to share all that he can through this site. With that being said, its a lot of stuff! That’s why we’ve curated specific playlists, or pathways, to help you along your journey. Any skill level, any profession, accessible anytime.

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Lighting night interiors can be very challenging. That’s why this series is dedicated to teaching you how to get that great look you’re aiming for with your night interior shoots. In this you’ll learn how get that moody and contrasty look to create perfect interior scenes, using sheers as a powerful tool, how to properly light for night interior scenarios, how to direct your crew to effectively execute the vision and more!

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Here at Hurlbut Academy we use credits to allow you to access our content. Lessons and Courses require certain amounts of credits to access. Depending on your membership you’ll receive a certain amount of credits each month that you can use to view our courses and/or lessons.
If credits aren’t your thing we offer an unlimited all access pass too!
Lessons are individual videos and their associated written articles that focus on a specific topic or tasks while courses are a set of curated lessons that focus on a larger goal. If you were to compare it to iTunes you’d say lessons are single and courses are albums.
You can access individual lessons or get a discount by choosing the entire course. If you’ve already accessed certain lessons that are in separate courses the courses will have a further discounted applied automatically. You won’t be asked to use the same credits to access the same content again, it’s all automated.

How many credits is the average lesson?

On average lesson requires about 17 credits

How many credits is the average course?

On average courses requires about 160 credits
Are whole courses discounted compared to the individual lessons in them?
Yes, if you use your credits to access the full course it will require less credits than watching each individual lesson.

What happens to the credits I don’t use?

Credits roll over in your account month over month so you can accrue more credits.

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We’d be happy to answer them! Please reach our to our customer service specialist, Shelly, at Shelly@hurlbutvisuals.com

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Who is Shane Hurlbut, ASC?

Shane Hurlbut, A.S.C. is a member of the prestigious American Society of Cinematographers and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The American Society of Cinematographers recognized Hurlbut after his first feature film, The Rat Pack (1998), depicting Frank Sinatra and his infamous friends at the height of their influence, directed by Rob Cohen.
Consequently, Hurlbut was the youngest cinematographer to be nominated by the American Society of Cinematographers for his work on The Rat Pack. He was also nominated by the DVDX Awards in 2003 for his work on 11:14.

Hurlbut’s films have garnered universal acclaim. His work behind the camera is ever-growing and redefining what it means to be a DP in the industry. He got his start back in the 90s, working with musicians who defined music in the decade, and therefore, Hurlbut defined their visual tone of the era. He is known for Guns N’ Roses’ November Rain, as well as working with Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots, The Rolling Stones, and Nirvana. Hurlbut’s versatility as a cinematographer transcends any one genre. He’s filmed action, sports, drama, and comedy – but it’s his attention to story and character that is always at the heart of his arresting visuals. It is Hurlbut’s subtlety and creativity with lighting that defines the sheer beauty and atmosphere in his work. The emotion he brings to the movement of the camera, like a dance, walks in line with the character’s journey.

Hurlbut has frequent collaborations with talented directors. His most recent work includes a fourth collaboration with director McG for NetFlix’s Rim of The World (2018), The Babysitter (2017), We Are Marshall (2006), Terminator Salvation (2009), a second collaboration with director David Dobkin for Amblin’s Resident Alien (2019) and AMC’s Into the Badlands (2015), a second collaboration with director Gabriele Muccino for Fathers and Daughters (2015) and There Is No Place Like Home (2018), and director Scott Waugh on Need for Speed (2014) and Act of Valor (2012). When Shane is not working on feature films all over the world, cinematography education is his top priority and to provide that to filmmakers globally.

Shane Hurlbut ASC’s Filmography


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