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Protecting Your Image Webinar

  • April 17, 2020
  • Chris Team HV
Protecting Your Image Webinar

When Shane and McG began prep for their 2019 movie, Rim Of The World, they told Netflix of their approach to ensuring the consistent look of the movie. The response was that what they were doing had never been done before.

In this ground-breaking webinar, Shane reveals that (until now) secret process and, with the help of Michael Cioni of Frame IO, demystifies the post production process.

Webinar Synopsis

This free recorded webinar from Shane Hurlbut, ASC and Michael Cioni reveal the secrets to maintaining your relationship with how your movie looks from concept to delivery, lens test to final product. 

Shane Hurlbut Webinar Protecting Your Image

Topics include:

1. How do you protect the image and inspire your team?

2. What documents, etiquette, and protocols can you use as a DP to help communication?

3. What tests do you need to do or LUTs do you need to create?

4. What are the most important questions you need to ask the post team?

5. How can cinematographers help make the post process more cost effective?

6. Once a look is baked in, where does it go and how is it viewed by the director and the studio in the editorial process?

Shane Hurlbut Webinar Protecting Your Image Michael Cioni

Using Shane’s film Rim Of The World as a source, he and Michael will answer every question and more in this full webinar from April 16th 2020 that has now been made available for everyone completely free of charge!

Shane’s Reference Books can be found here and the LUTs (Look Up Tables) are available in a bundle here. Take your RAW files and infuse a specific look that immerses your audience!

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