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REDucation – Learn RED‘s Cameras and Workflow

  • April 7, 2018
  • Shane Hurlbut, ASC
REDucation – Learn RED‘s Cameras and Workflow

Anyone familiar with my work knows I love rocking RED camera’s on my projects. They give me everything I look for in an image in an awesome, compact, modular package. However they can be a little confusing for new users or cinematographers. Thankfully Red is proud to introduce their REDucation program to get EVERYONE up to speed.

REDucation Cinematography filmmaker film movies tv shooting DP lights

I remember the first NAB I saw RED at, I think it was way back in 2006, and they were showing off this concept of this box that was supposedly a 4K camera.REDucation Cinematography filmmaker film movies tv shooting DP lights

Now this was in 2006! The world was just getting its feet wet with 1080P and here comes this company that nobody had ever heard of claiming they were making a 4K camera! That was revolutionary in itself, but then they were gonna bring it to market for $17,500. Sounds like a lot of money sill doesn’t it? But this was the time of the Panavision Genesis and the Sony F23 which were $250,000+ systems that recorded 1080P to tape.

Revolutionary is an understatement.

I gotta say it takes a lot of courage, or craziness, or both to do something like that. To take on the big players, players that have been in the industry for decades, some closer to a century! But they did it. RED not only brought cinema quality to the masses, they raised the bar of what digital cinema could and should be. That shook the industry to its core. Now those are innovators, rebels, pioneers, people I can get behind.

The war room in the early daysREDucation Cinematography filmmaker film movies tv shooting DP lightsJarred Land looking downrange with a prototypeREDucation Cinematography filmmaker film movies tv shooting DP lightsJim Jannard, the mad scientist himself, with Peter Jackson

But as impressive as their mission statement was and the incredible strides they took year after year, it wasn’t until the dragon sensor that I got hooked. And boy, did I get hooked! The Red Epic Dragon was the turning point, and boy did I fall head over heels for that image and modular system. You know I did, because I couldn’t stop talking about it!

Red Dragon Test Part 1

REDucation Cinematography filmmaker film movies tv shooting DP lights

How to get the best skintones from RED Dragon

Cinematography filmmaker film movies tv shooting DP lights

Best ND’s to use with Your RED Dragon

With the recent release of the Gemini sensor Red are now up to 4 different sensors, a whole new design for their camera bodies, DSMC2, that includes 4 new bodies, and a new post workflow – IPP2! All those variables means there are small nuances you need to know. And you’re not going to want to find it out on set, you’re gonna want to be prepared. Well, RED’s right there for you with their REDucation classes. This is something that anyone getting into the RED ecosystem is going to want to attend.

RED Digital Cinema now offering REDucation on Vimeo.

REDucation: Industry-Level Training

REDucation is a powerful, intimate, and hands-on program available to cinematographers, AC’s, DITs, and filmmakers all over the world! Taught by industry professionals, REDucation is a 3-day course where you can learn the RED Digital Cinema equipment and process.

In the 3-day REDucation program, you will learn the science behind RED, the R3D workflow, exposure dynamics (give me some of that low-light GEMINI action), and color grading, just to name a few of the topics. You’ll be a RED pro by the end of this course. This program is very hands-on.

Another great aspect of the REDucation course is the networking opportunity. I always say that serious filmmakers should surround themselves with experts. If you want to be the best, surround yourself with the best, you need to get out there and find other collaborators and creators. REDucation is a great opportunity for you to build lifelong relationships with other filmmakers.

In 2018, REDucation courses will be offered in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and Singapore. See below for dates:

  • Brooklyn, May 14-16
  • Los Angeles, June 4-6
  • Singapore, June 29-July 1
  • Chicago, July 16-18
  • Brooklyn, August 6-8
  • Los Angeles, August 27-29
  • Chicago, October 1-3
  • Brooklyn, October 29-31
  • Los Angeles, December 3-5

If you want to sign up for the REDucation courses or have a question, contact training@red.com.

I know many of you love shooting on RED. Post a comment below and include a link to anything you’ve shot on RED. I’d love to see what you are all working on!

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