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BlackMagic Davinci Resolve Camera Shake Hack

  • May 14, 2020
  • Chris Team HV
BlackMagic Davinci Resolve Camera Shake Hack

Our friend, Dale Campbell at Still Moving Media is a wizard at Blackmagic’s Davinci resolve. If you haven’t already seen it here’s his fantastic series Doing It All In Davinci has been immensely popular!

Here he reveals his Camera Shake Hack which will be a slam dunk for all of you editors out there.

I found a great hack in BlackMagic Davinci resolve and I couldn’t wait to tell you all about it.

First of all, I’m not an animator. We have dedicated team members who are animators at Still Moving Media.

Occasionally, we’ll get a project where I will be working on something and I’ll just need a little bit of movement on some text or an arrow or something really simple and it isn’t worth me exporting a project, sending over to one of the animators, getting them to do it. So instead what I’ll do is cheat

Problem: Previously, I’ve been trying to do this with keyframes, but I found that very frustrating due to:

  • Changing the rate of movement
  • Changing the feathering and the way that things move.

Solution: We use the camera shake effect.

Blackmagic Davinci Cheat Camera Shake Still Moving Media Hurlbut Academy

I’ve got all of these different controls on sliders. We don’t need to be shaking around everywhere, but we can just dial down the ones we don’t want and then have it moving in the direction that we do want.

There are all kinds of things that you can actually control:

  1. The rate that is doing this,
  2. How fast it’s moving,
  3. The amplitude,
  4. How far it’s moving
  5. The randomness of the movements.

Blackmagic Davinci Cheat Camera Shake Still Moving Media Hurlbut Academy

So if you want it to be regular, that’s fine, you can do that. If you want it to be slightly irregular, like it’s a more organic movement, then you can do that as well. By doing this within the “camera shake pane” you don’t have to change lots of different key frames to get these effects. You can really quickly and easily dial up a bit, dial it down a bit, get it where you need to be in.

Also, if client says, “I would like that bounce to be a little bit slower,” you’re not going into the keyframes, you can just drag that slider down a bit and it’s done two seconds.

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